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Meeting Room Booking
Integrate all your meeting room, facility management into one user-friendly solution that gives users a better booking and scheduling experience.
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Room Booking Management
An excellent room booking system will help you to recognize and prevent users from reserving rooms that are currently in use.

  • Centralized management platform
  • Support mobile and desktop browser
  • Informative schedule calendar
  • Interactive 3D floor map
Offision - Resource-performance rating
Reserve room in The Offision App
In the past, we always wanted to use a conference room for a meeting, but we don't know if it’s already been taken.

With the Offision meeting room booking app, you can easily find the rooms suitable for your meeting, check the schedule, and make the reservation without disturbance.
Offision - Resource-performance rating
Offision - Resource-performance rating
Find Space in our Meeting Room Scheduler
Want to create a spontaneous meeting for the team? Use our Meeting Room Scheduler on your mobile or hardware placing outside of meeting rooms to instantly book a room anytime anywhere.
Offision - Resource-performance rating