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Meeting Room Booking
Integrate all your meeting room, facility management into one user-friendly solution that gives users a better booking and scheduling experience.
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Room Booking Management

Help you recognize and prevent users from reserving rooms currently in use, and book the right room at the right time.
Offision - Add a workspace

Add a workspace

Add workspaces for a single location or multiple offices when scheduling meetings. Integrate Offision with your favourite tools like Microsoft Outlook or Google Workspace.
Offision - Find your right room

Find your right room

Make smarter booking decisions based on available resources, and encourage teams to work together efficiently. Preview your room selections using your Offision calendar or in-office panel.
Offision - Check in at the door

Check in at the door

Check-in from your room display at the door to confirm the meeting or tap it to book.
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Reserve room in The Offision App
In the past, we always wanted to use a conference room for a meeting, but we don't know if it’s already been taken.

With the Offision meeting room booking app, you can easily find the rooms suitable for your meeting, check the schedule, and make the reservation without disturbance.
Support: iOS Android Browser Teams Microsoft Outlook
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Enterprise-grade integrations

Integrate with your favorite tools and platforms for a simple, streamlined meeting room booking system.
Microsoft 365
Set-up standard user permission for Offision admin access.
Microsoft Outlook
Directly create meetings from your Outlook calendar and sync with Offision.
Microsoft Teams
Install Offision App to search and book rooms on Teams directly.
Create Webex virtual meeting link with your room booking.
Line Notify
Quickly receive meeting reminders on Line Notify.

It's time to manage your space efficiently

Offision provides a total solution for you to manage your office resource.
Mobile app
Reserve the proper places from your smartphone, and use our app to search for available sapces based on resource requirements or capacity.
Space recommendation
Based on your request, the system will suggest the proper space and add them to the meeting.
Multi-location management
Manage your workspace in one single office or multiple locations on one platform.
User space
Define the user space to manage different office areas effectively.
Label areas with equipment, capacity, amenities, locations, and furnishings so that users can filter places based on their needs.
Booking policy
Create regulations for venues such as meeting duration, check-in policy, and business hours.
Save money on unnecessary space by automatically removing no-show meetings.
Issue reporting
Allow your employees to share concerns with office supplies directly to management via desktop, mobile app, or panel.