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Visitor management
Greet your guests using the Offision visitor management software via mobile, and notify your employees of the visitor's arrival.
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Streamlined visitor experience
There will be no more rushing to find staff when their visitors arrive, scribbling name badges, or searching for completed surveys.

  • Take care of your visitor from pre-arrival to check out
  • Invitation email and digital visitor badge
  • Set up a visitor survey for different purpose
  • Track your visitors status and historial log
Offision - Resource-performance rating
Visitor Self Check-In
Your guests can enjoy the self-check-in process, saving time for lining up and eliminating any hassle. You can print badges to create a seamless visiting experience till they leave the office.
Offision - Resource-performance rating
Offision - Resource-performance rating
Customizable Branding
Show your organization's name and logo that creates appealing branding before visitor arrival. Enforce your brand recognition through invitation emails, on-site registration, and visitor badges.
Offision - Resource-performance rating