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ePaper device as an Energy-saving choice for your office
Upgrade and manage your workplace with minimal power consumption, and sustainable, high-quality, and environmentally friendly device components.
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Energy efficient, cost-saving

The only battery-powered solution with up to 1 year of autonomy for each battery to save your operational cost.

E-Paper Device cost

One-third the cost of a traditional panel

E-Paper Installation / cabling cost

Only requires cabling for the gateway, and the gateway can put any ware inside the office

E-Paper Extra decoration cost

No need
Offision - No drilling, no wiring, mounts on any surface

No drilling, no wiring, mounts on any surface

You can attach the ePaper device without cables, wires, or wall drilling, and the weight of this panel is only 25% of traditional panels. Stick it here and you are ready to use!
Offision - Easy to set up, just connect to Wi-Fi

Easy to set up, just connect to Wi-Fi

Connect the ePaper device with the Offision platform through Wi-Fi and start using it immediately!
Offision - Sustainable and eco-friendly

Sustainable and eco-friendly

ePaper device uses environmentally friendly materials, keeps a low carbon footprint, and takes action for a better world!

How it works

The diagram will give you the fastest overview of Offision's e-paper device architecture.
Offision - E-paper architecture
Offision - Completely Wireless

E-Paper E-Paper

-No need for power/internet access
-Battery energy runs for up to 1 year
-Screen updated via the gateway

Gateway Gateway

-Require power supply and connect to the internet
-Can cover up to 50 E-paper devices per gateway
-Cover area up to 25M Radius
Offision - Completely Wireless
Scan to book
You can scan the QR code on the e-paper device and book the room/desk directly.
Offision - Scan QR code to book
Offision - Available

Available Available

Offision - Waiting check-in

Waiting check-in Waiting check-in

Offision - In use

In use In use

Offision - Resource-performance rating
All integrations you love
Connect Offision with our ready-to-use integrations for whatever you need, or use our custom API to connect everything else.

  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Webex by Cisco
  • Zoom
  • Line Notify
  • Google Workspace
  • Google Meet
Offision - Resource-performance rating